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An overview:

Wilkins Spence Sri Lanka is a BOI company and has been in business in Sri Lanka for over fifteen years as a subsidiary of the Wilkins Group UK. The Wilkins Group started their facility in Sri Lanka with the advantage of it's strategic location (the key logistic hub in ancient silk route) at the inception, today the importance of having a facility in a strategic location where east and west is logistically connected most efficiently and cost effectively has become a decisive factor in the modern speed based fast react business forum which helps brands to be competitive with their pricing, subsequently profitability and sustainability of their businesses. Wilkins group has invested in a new 40,000 sq feet state of the art factory in 2015 which has been built on the principles of green architecture adhering to the US "Green Building Council" Standards for LEED certification.

Compliance & Social responsibility:

We are fully compliant with globally accepted print quality management certification, raw-material quality and sustainability certification, ink colour and quality certification and important social and environmental certifications such as HIGG, IS0-9001 Certified in 2015, Mellow Colour-Impression Proof-Certified Printer, Mellow Color­IS0-12647-2-Proficient Printer, Sedex and LEED Gold Certification.


The facility is fully operated on the concept of "Environment sustainability" ( Green concept) by fulfilling it's responsibility towards the environment. Daylight harvesting, Rain water harvesting, Solar power generating system & Energy saving electronic appliances have been installed and used. We always ensure to use" vegetable" and "soy" based inks by minimizing the reliance on fossil based products, carton boards and papers are sourced from sustainably managed forests in order to enhance our green concept throughout our production process.

Technology, Resources, Process & Capacity:

The new facility is equipped with fully automated "Heidelberg machines", specially trained high skilled workforce including professional design - development team, advanced "Colour management" and "Quality Assurance" processes are in place in accordance with European Union and USA market standards. The factory runs continuously on a shift basis with the full utilisation of machine capacity to support lead-time challenges that we'll have from the customer front. This facility is unique as small and large format packaging solutions are catered for.



Product range:

 Wilkins Spence Sri Lanka facility provides packaging solutions for brands and retailers in a wide range of markets across the globe such as:

• apparel and textiles

• food - chilled and frozen

• confectionery

• toiletries and household products to name a few.



• paper based containers (with graphic works)

• band rolls

• pouches

• header cards

• insert cards

• wrappers

• hang tags and many more in our product range.


We are fully equipped to design and develop special packaging items on customers' requests. Innovation, Speed and Quality are the key factors of our success that we have achieved so far.

Our specialty in "Apparel brand" identification products:

Wilkins Spence Sri Lanka plays significant role in Sri Lanka apparel supply chain, we design, manufacture, and distribute brand identification packaging products to apparel manufacturers and retailers on "Fast react" production modules with shorter lead time (from PO to delivery) in order to comply with their lead-time challenges . We offer , graphic tags, price tickets, sewing tickets , wrap bands, patches, boxes, and a range of specialized products for EU and USA apparel brands such as M&S, Tesco, H&M, Decathlon, Next, Sloggi, Hanes, Max, Victoria's Secret, Triumph.

A substantial share of our production is for one of the world's best known retailers "Marks & Spencer'.

UK Head Office

+44 (0) 115 989 6000

The Wilkins Building,

Private Road Number 1,

Colwick Ind. Estate,


NG4 2JQ. UK.

Wilkins Sri Lanka

+94 11 486 5678

Wilkins Spence Packaging Lanka PVT

No. 374/5. Gonahena Rd, Kadawatha.

Sri Lanka.

Wilkins China

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Building 1,  Jiu Zhou Hua Yuan, 455 Hao, Qing Lu Nan Lu, Zhuhai 519015, Guangdong.


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