Wilkins Christmas Tree Giveaway


We've sent out over 500 Christmas tree shrubs to our clients as part of our Christmas tree growing competition. Our senior management team will measure the trees in November 2020 and the largest grower will be rewarded with vouchers worth £100. We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic and we want our customers to share this passion too.


 The wooden Ecocube contains certified organic seeds and growing media. After about 8 months the tree can be re-potted by placing the entire Ecocube into a pot with soil. The Ecocube will slowly decompose and turn into a valuable fertilizer.


To get the most out of your trees, we recommend putting them on a warm radiator and watch them grow! By warming the soil it gives them a growth spurt - plus don't forget to water them everyday and get in touch to show us your photos


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